PHOTOS: Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced her 2020 presidential bid in a Minneapolis snowstorm



Supporters of Senator Amy Klobuchar turned out in snow and sub-freezing temperatures in Minneapolis on Sunday to hear the Democrat’s announcement of her 2020 presidential campaign.

“We are tired of the shutdowns and the showdowns, of the gridlock and the grandstanding,” she said at her speech. “Today … we say enough is enough.”


Klobuchar had said on Twitter on Saturday that she would be making a “big announcement” at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Sunday afternoon. She directed people to “wear warm clothes.”


The forecast for Sunday in Minneapolis was snow and a high of 19 degrees Fahrenheit, but the Weather Channel noted that it felt more like seven degrees.

Despite the chill, supporters turned out in droves for the big announcement. 

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Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar arrived at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon after saying on Twitter she would make a “big announcement,” which prompted supporters to show up in droves in anticipation of her anticipated presidential bid.

Source: Amy Klobuchar/Twitter

Klobuchar advised supporters to “wear warm clothes” — and it’s easy to see why in the photos from the event.

The forecast for Sunday in Minneapolis was for snow and a high of 19 degrees Fahrenheit…

Source: Weather Channel

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